Luxury hand made accessories crafted from the finest silks, wool and cashmere


A collection of inspiration and prints that enclose an authentic and trendy melange of colors with the "timeless pure" of AMA PURE. Always be in step with the times, free yourself from slavery to become the protagonists, with the image or with the colors that most represent you and that are part of your look, of your aura. Each of our prints has a meaning, discover the one that comes closest to your personality.



Hand painting and our desire for craftsmanship are perfectly expressed in this section of the hand-painted collection, where the color expands on the canvas respecting its characteristics as a hand caresses our skin. Here, too, the white of pure cashmere chosen by AMA PURE is the background for the pigment of our brushes which, depositing a few drops on the edges, create these frames, each one different from the other, making each garment absolutely unique.



Here you can find plain colored stoles or even "faux plain" hand-sprayed one by one. Each process tends to create garments with a uniform color to adapt to the most eccentric collections with a touch of timeless plain. A wide range of colors makes up the 25 shades that correspond to any look from the most casual to the most elegant.



This is the category where we find the timeless part of AMA PURE with a touch of gold, silver or copper foil that enhances the colors and gives even greater brightness to the accessory without weighing on the fabric. As in wine, sometimes we find bubbles, in the SPARKLING collection we find gold foils.