Established by Luciana Fazio in 2010, Ama Srl started out producing scarves and home textiles for some of the major international fashion houses. In 2016 Gian Marco Tavani, Luciana’s son, joined the company, and together they launched Ama Pure, a brand of accessories made from 100% top-quality cashmere or merino wool.
Ama Pure’s unique pieces are created with the purest materials, sourced from the Mongolian high plains and produced by expert craftsmen, using sustainable traditional techniques: all pieces are woven on traditional looms and finished by hand. Luciana supervises all phases of production. Her exceptional expertise and extreme attention to detail have established Ama Pure as a brand of authentic, timeless, wearable art.

Luciana Fazio

After a long experience as a Product Manager for major fashion brands, moving from the research of fibers and materials to the development of total look collections, she has acquired a great knowledge in the textile field and its specific aspects. Having verified that the market and even the big luxury brands are offering a huge amount of materials that have cashmere as a name more than a substance :pseudo cashmere , cashmere touch (with a minimal cashmere percentage), in 2011, with his son as Development Director, she decides to launch their own brand: AMA PURE. For Luciana appraising the raw materials that were offered was not enough, therefore she went personally to Mongolia and China to select at source the best fibers of cashmere and silk to create her own materials and ensure the quality. Pure materials that come into life by craft dyes, by hand-prints, treatments and finishings that only the Italian production can realize according to the traditional production the AMA PURE reputation expands rapidly. Today AMA PURE has authorized stores in Europe, USA and Japan... and it is only the beginning of the story.

Gian Marco Tavani

After a degree in Management Engineering at the University of Parma, a specialization at ENSAM of Paris and after an important experience in the field of cinema and show business (his passion) he began his professional career in one of the most important Fashion American Group, climbing all the steps from Store Manager to District Manager in record time, traveling between Milan, San Francisco, Paris, London and Montecarlo. Strengthened by this experience, he was determined to join the family business: AMA PURE. Fluent in English, French, Spanish, today he continues to travel the world as Development Director of his own brand, bringing up modern strategies, according to his ambitions that are at the level of his great vision.



Pure materials, unique pieces that ensure the authenticity and pleasure to wear them for a long time, without industrial compromises and only in respect of the craftsmanship tradition and the environment that the two founders of AMA PURE intend to work.


AMA PURE is the craftsmanship and style in the service of uncompromising quality industrial. The soul is pure, matter it is real.


Each item of AMA PURE is manufactured and finished by hand and can be completely customized.


Luciana supervises each stage of production making all necessary changesand improvements to the material that is itself special and exclusive.



Very few companies are able to provide this level of quality, customization and guarantee of production processes at competitive princes, thanks to the direct source of raw materials, of internal processes as well as to a careful production way.