AMA PURE offers an extraordinary customization service to customers.

Our Private Label allows creating the most exclusive pieces and products to fit the tastes of each customer, but also provides them with the finest fabrics to use for their own. The process at AMA PURE is unique and distinguishes itself with the attention given to details, the superior quality of the fabrics and the craftsmanship tradition. All of the products are crafted with care by expert artisans, offering to our customers unlimited possibilities.

AMA PURE provides:

  • raw fabrics for those who are able to produce their own accessories .
  • finished products according to the requests and needs of each client
  • semi-finished products

PRIVATE LABEL development way:

  • by following specific requests
  • by proposals on general inquiries
  • by customization of basic items

Minimum production: to be defined . They are different for each project, depending on the fabric and on workmanship

Quality bases:
AMA PURE stores several raw bases in specific sizes:

  • pure cashmere
  • pure wool
  • pure silk
  • pure linen
  • cashmere /silk blend
  • wool /cashmere blend

which can be customised in a short time and in small quantities.

On request:

  • Structures and dimensions can be amended in 6-10 weeks time.

PRIVATE LABEL DIVISION is open to any request as long as it reflects the level of quality
which is characteristic of the AMA PURE production.

Current production items:

  • scarves
  • stolas
  • pashminas
  • capes / shawls
  • plaids / throws