The square stole reproduces the tattooed face of the monkey featured in the painting of the same name, Fugazzotto's favorite, who never put it up for sale. It tells of all the closed, introverted and fragile people, who have something unsolved in them that they are unable to express except through tattoos, on their own skin. A way of expressing one's fears and anxieties, one's failures but also one's successes. The tattoo becomes a new alphabet through which people confess, entrusting them with secrets that they would never reveal to anyone. The monkey's gaze has many shades: it is sad and melancholy, but also strong and courageous.


Size: 100 x 200 cm

Composition: 100% Pure Cashmere

Made in Italy


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  • Our styles are woven and finished by hand. The dyeing and printing are handcrafted, in Italy, using sustainable pigments for greater respect for the environment. The unique quality of our raw materials allows us to create a product with excellent quality, which will last over time. Italian craftsmanship combined with the most innovative production techniques enables us to create iconic and timeless stolas. All Ama Pure stoles and scarves are therefore extremely precious, resistant and, easy to care for. They can be dry or water cleaned. To maintain its characteristics over time, we recommend cleaning in the washing machine (Wool Program at zero degrees, with a delicate detergent for wool) and placing the garment in perforated bags to protect it from damage due to twisting or grips. Use Wool Program with delicate cycles only for rinse and spin.